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Man Shot After Reportedly Trying to Rob Detectives in Brooklyn

On Sunday night, a plainclothes detective shot a man who was reportedly trying to rob him and two of his colleagues while they investigated a robbery in Bedford-Stuyvesant. The 20-year-old man, who was accompanied by two other young men, dropped a weapon that was recovered at the scene. According to the New York Times, it read, “Daisy Powerline 415 BB gun.”

The injured man was sent to Kings County Hospital Center and is in stable condition. A 16-year-old was taken into custody at the scene — near Bedford Avenue and Monroe Street — and police are still looking for the third suspect. 

The three detectives had been investigating a Craigslist rental scam that had been taking place nearby, according to the New York Daily News — people would head to nonexistent open apartments advertised on the site, and end up getting robbed instead. The Times reports that the police haven’t said if the three people involved in the detective robbery were also responsible for the robbery that had sent the detectives out in the first place. The woman who reported the Craigslist scam did say she was robbed by three teenagers. The shooting took place shortly before 7 p.m. on Sunday night. 

A resident told the Daily News that the young man who was shot was crying on the ground; another person told the Times, “It was sort of terrifying. I definitely remember the guy screaming over and over and over again, ‘Oh my God, I’ve been shot!’”

Man Shot After Reportedly Trying to Rob Officers