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New York May See Record-High Temperature Today — Take Off Your Jacket Already

A dropped ice lolly
Popsicle weather. Photo: Image Source/Getty Images

It’s going to be another unnervingly beautiful day in New York City.

All month it has been unseasonably warm, and today the city might even reach a record-high temperature for this date:

Frankly, it’s been a little confusing for New Yorkers, who were pulling on their winter hats and double-wrapping their scarves this time last year. Lately, the it’s-November-so-I-should-wear-a-jacket instinct has been resulting in a lot of sweaty commutes:

This year already looks like it will be the hottest in history, and there’s talk of no snow in the city until December. It’s tough to feel too enthusiastic about unseasonably warm weather in the age of global warming — but at least give yourself permission to take a walk without a coat or scarf today.

New York May See Record-High Temperature Today