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Penn Station Shooting Suspect Removes Heroin From Butt, Snorts It While in Police Custody

The suspect. Photo: NYPD

While waiting in a police interrogation room on Saturday, one of the suspects in last week’s Penn Station shooting reportedly slid a bag of heroin out of his butt and took a quick snort. When police returned to the room, Vincent Arcona, 27, quickly — and nobly, we might add — admitted that the bag he had tried to hide under a table was in fact filled with heroin, according to a police affidavit. 

The drug dealer and apparent addict was allegedly one of two men attempting to stake out their turf in the infamous Penn Station McDonald’s on November 9 when one man was fatally shot and two others were critically wounded. The victims were reportedly not interested in ceding their prized Golden Arches territory to the alleged attackers. Arcona has yet to be charged for the shooting but is currently at Rikers on $25,000 bail after accumulating a few drug-related charges when attempting to pick up medication under a false name at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. Francisco Alsina, the suspected gunman, was arrested in Rhode Island last week. 

Penn Station Shooter Snorts Up in Custody