Man Takes His Jet Pack Out for a Spin Over New York Harbor

Ferries, shmerries.

It’s good to know someone got fed up with a future absent hypothetically insane ways to commute to work — or take in historical landmarks — like the two men responsible for last Friday’s jet-pack test flight over New York Harbor, sanctioned by the FAA and Coast Guard.

This jet pack (we’re partial to the term “Rocket-Belt” ever since we last saw one at the opening ceremony of the 1984 Summer Games) was built and designed by a company called, very literally, Jetpack Aviation. The model shown in their nifty PR stunt/video, below, is the JB-9, short for “Jet Backpack.” It runs on kerosene, can send you floating midair for ten minutes, and will be a great gift for the George Michael in your life. 

While the company is already plotting a victory-lap documentary on their jet pack, called Rocket Compulsion, they have no plans to sell you one “right now,” said the company’s founder to Gizmag. “There are expectations we don’t go selling them willy-nilly.”

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