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Very Discreet ‘Selfie Arm’ Lets You Take Selfies In Secret

Photo: Mansooon

Selfie sticks are very popular tools but I doubt any would argue that they are quote-unquote cool. They’re super dorky.

However, they’re also very popular because we have not yet figured out how to work our arms like Stretch Armstrong. One day, science will have the answer. Until then, we have the ‘selfie arm.’

If you’ve ever been embarrassed about using a selfie stick, Japanese comedy site Omocoro, via Kotaku, posted the schematics for the odd device which allows people to use a selfie stick without drawing attention.

Here’s a closer look at what it’s like to use the inconspicuous device.

Smartphone photography expert Mansooon came up with the clandestine device by combining fake hands…

Photo: Mansooon

… with a homemade very-long-sleeved shirt.

Photo: Mansooon

Now, you can take great selfies in public without anybody knowing. Great job, Mansooon!

‘Selfie Arm’ Lets You Take Selfies In Secret