Two Pranksters Built a Pizza Rat Robot to Terrify New Yorkers

Wait, I know you.

For weeks, New Yorkers have been paying tribute to Pizza Rat, the notorious dollar-slice-dragging rodent who reminds us all a little of ourselves. Since the critter was filmed on the stairs of an L train station back in September, it has been honored with adoring tweets, imaginative tattoos, and even a sexy Halloween costume. People were clamoring for a second coming — and they’ve finally got it: To test how much our hearts have really warmed toward Pizza Rat, two pranksters built a robot in the creature’s likeness to drive around on streets and subway platforms.

But, for the most part, the mechanical rat was greeted with horrified screams and swears. Only one loyal fan can be heard cheering, “Go Pizza Rat, go Pizza Rat, go!”

Someone Built a Pizza Rat Robot