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Someone Stole Notorious Joke Thief the Fat Jew’s New Book and Put It Online

The Fat Jew, an Instagram celebrity and performance artist otherwise known as Josh Ostrovsky, is also infamous for what some claim is joke theft. He, up until recently, would often take other people’s work and upload it to his account without credit. A lot of aspiring comedians and other creative people hate him for this.

Seeking to give the Rotund Semite a taste of his own medicine, Twitter user @updog7 took pictures of every single page of Ostrovsky’s new book Money, Pizza, Respect and uploaded them to Twitter. They were even nice enough to upload them in reverse order, so you can just scroll down the page if, for some reason, you wanted to read an entire book via low-res scans. The pages were also compiled into a PDF available to download on Google Drive.

The account posting these pages is a joke in itself, mimicking the handle and avatar of @uptowndogfunk, an account that is allegedly a Fat Jew sock puppet account. The idea being that @uptowndogfunk would plagiarize people’s jokes and then the Fat Jew would credit that user, extricating himself from plagiarism charges and downgrading to shoddy sourcing.

Update: It appears that the tweet linking to a PDF of the entire book “has been withheld in response to a report from the copyright holder.

Someone Put the Fat Jew’s Book Online for Free