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Ted Cruz and James Woods Spend 40 Minutes Talking About How Much They Love This Country

Ted Cruz and James Woods see eye to eye. Photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images, Todd Williamson/FilmMagic

.@SenTedCruz and I just spoke for 40 minutes by phone about our love of this country. This man is the real deal. I’m all in!” —Actor James Woods

Cruz: Hello.

Woods: Hello, senator.

Cruz: It’s nice to finally get in touch. I feel like we have a lot in common.

Woods: Do you love this country?

Cruz: Do I! I love it so much.

Woods: Because I love this country.

Cruz: I really love this country.

Woods: That’s incredible. It’s like I’m talking to myself.

Cruz: I just love it so much.

Woods: So much.

Cruz: Do you ever wish you could marry this country, but then you worry it would weaken the sanctity of marriage?

Woods: Totally

Cruz: This is so refreshing

Woods: What do you love the most about this country?

Cruz: The people. The food. The, uh 

Woods: The film industry.

Cruz: Yeah.

Woods: Freedom. The Second Amendment.

Cruz: Yes! And … Hot dogs. Baseball.

Woods: This is making me so enthusiastic about your candidacy.

Cruz: [Pause] The mountains. Purple mountains.

Woods: Are they really purple? Because I’ve 

Cruz: Oil. Coal.

Woods: What else?

Cruz: The, um, highways, which we should privatize.

Woods: No other country has highways like that.

Cruz: [Glances at watch] So are you thinking of endors—

Woods: I feel like we’ve just started skimming the surface of this topic. When you say you love this country, do you mean 

Ted Cruz and James Woods Love This Country a Lot