Ted Cruz Is Pretty Hot As a Cartoon

Making America Swoll Again.

All presidential candidates are a little bit self-deluded. No human being with a clear sense of their own limitations would ever apply for the position of “world’s most powerful person.” But it’s possible that no presidential candidate has ever revealed their distorted self-image as vividly as Ted Cruz just did in this cartoon.

For the past couple of days, Cruz has been challenging President Obama to debate him “face to face” on “how to best defend America.” So far, Obama has declined to cancel his diplomatic travels for the sake of debating the junior senator from Texas. And so, in a disingenuous attempt to change the president’s mind, Cruz drafted a petition on his website — along with a cartoon self-portrait that allows the American people to see one of their would-be leaders as he sees himself: a cross between Popeye and Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid with a gnarly tattoo on his rippling right deltoid.