Midtown Thief Gets Bank Robbery Right on Second Try

The suspect who didn’t gave up. Photo: NYPD

A bank robber showed the value of perseverance after he managed to steal cash from one midtown bank after he’d botching a hold-up a few blocks away earlier in the week. The suspected robber apparently hit up a Park Avenue bank on Tuesday, brandishing a gun and ordering the teller to fork over cash. The teller refused, and the robber apparently took no for an answer and fled with nothing. He regrouped, and gave it another shot on Friday at a bank a few blocks south from his original target. Whether he worked on his delivery, we’ll never know, but he was able to get the teller to hand over some money. The little-suspect-who-could is apparently still at large, but he is not the first serial criminal to overcome initial failures: Last month in Washington State, a man got turned away from one bank only to steal from another about an hour later, and in August, in Los Feliz, a suspect wrote mean notes that ordered tellers to give him cash, and the third time was a charm for him.

Thief Gets Bank Robbery Right on Second Try