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Meet Joob Bieber and Poot Lovato, the Twisted Mirrorscape Bizarro Celebrities of Tumblr

Hate Justin Bieber? You will love his “secret brother” Joob. You will love Joob … or else. Fusion explains:

A photo of Bieber posted to the forums of pop-music site ATRL was immediately seized by the Tumblr Shady iTunes Edits: “It has been confirmed that Justin Bieber’s brother, Joob Bieber, has recently been released from his life CHAINED to a bucket in their mother Pattie’s attic.” I cannot personally confirm the existence of Joob Bieber, but I want to believe. He has proven extremely popular on Tumblr, at any rate.

Is Joob single, you’re wondering? Perhaps he is dating Poot Lovato, his predecessor in pop-star internet’s bizarro-celebrity mirrorscape by about a month. Poot! We love you, Poot!

The Twisted-Hell Mirror of Joob Bieber