Drunk Mac-and-Cheese Bro Emerges From Stupor to Appear in Court

First, they fake you out with the baby face.

Luke Gatti, better known as the UConn kid whose hunger for jalapeño-bacon macaroni and cheese outweighed his respect for human life, has come out of hiding to appear in court.

To recap: Gatti stumbled into one of the school’s dining halls and demanded they make him some “fucking bacon-jalapeño mac and cheese.” When they didn’t move fast enough, he yelled at and pushed the manager. Security was called, and he was cuffed. “I was just trying to get fucking food,” he moaned.

Gatti apologized, and UConn has declined to comment on whether they expelled him, citing federal education privacy laws.   

Now he has applied for “accelerated rehabilitation” in Rockville Superior Court, not far away from his former school.

The 19-year-old faces misdemeanor breach-of-peace and trespassing charges.

UConn Bro Emerges From Hiding to Appear in Court