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Heartwarming Viral Wedding Photos Cause Heartbreak

Photo: Delia D. Blackburn

For further proof that the internet ruins the special moments in our lives, see this incident from Ohio. Photographer Delia D. Blackburn’s shots of Brittany Peck’s wedding went viral when she captured Peck’s father grabbing her stepdad to participate in the ceremony. The photos have been viewed 70 million times. Which should be great, right? A heartwarming gesture captured forever for the world to see? Wrong.

The photographer says that Brittany’s father, he of the beautiful gesture, is threatening to sue her for making money off the viral images, and she has received threatening messages online. “They’re trying to ruin me,” Blackburn said. The photographer had mentioned printing posters of the photo on Facebook, but still hasn’t delivered the shots to Peck herself. ”Hand us our pictures and we’ll go our separate ways,” the bride said.

Social media — it’s all one big Upworthy lovefest until someone tries to monetize on internet fame. Then it’s war. 

Viral Wedding Photos Cause Heartbreak