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Your New Hero Is This Woman Who Smushes Her Face Into Bread

For months, an anonymous woman on Instagram has been burying her face in a wide variety of breads, making sure to thoroughly smush them so she can properly evaluate their “face feel.” Who is Bread Face, and why is she doing this? A post on Digg asked the question on Wednesday, but didn’t come up with many answers.

8. Bergen Bagel Everything bagel 🙃

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Based on the bread products she’s demolished, notably a Bergen bagel, Digg proposes that Bread Face is a New York City resident. She favors pop-rap as her bread-reviewing soundtrack, setting sessions to Fetty Wap and Nelly. Her favorite bread to rub on her face is Wonder, according to her short-lived Tumblr of written bread reviews. This is all we know.

4. Wonder Classic White bread 😰

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And as for why, why she presses her face into these baked goods with such relish? Because we need her, probably.

#Breadface existed as a hashtag on Instagram long before Bread Face began her bread-facing career, but it mostly refers to patterns in bread that look like faces, or an old forced meme involving wreathing a cat’s head with a piece of toast. There’s no one else out there giving you the real, raw (okay, baked) truth about what different breads feel like against your nose and cheeks.

And someone’s got to do it.

Okay, not really. But aren’t you glad she did?

Anonymous Woman Reviews Bread With Her Face