It’s That Time of Year: Goat Heads Are Starting to Appear in Brooklyn

The goat head in question. Photo: Alexandra Leon/DNAinfo

Another day, another mysterious goat head in Brooklyn. This time, a man was walking his dog in Crown Heights on Thursday morning when he stumbled upon the goat head near St. Marks and Grand avenues. The sawed-off head was laid out in an orange ceramic platter and “surrounded by feathers and wrapped in twine,” reports DNAinfo, which was able to get a photo of the specimen. It seems to be the first documented goat head of the season; in March, a woman found an amputated goat head in a Prospect Heights park, and the year before a snow-covered cranium was discovered in Prospect Park, and another was spotted hanging from a Park Slope traffic light. All of these sightings prompted New York to investigate, but we still didn’t definitively conclude whether it was a mystical religious ritual or just some creative teen pranksters.

Another Goat Head Appears in Brooklyn