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Donald Trump Almost Sounds Smart With a British Accent

It’s long been established that it doesn’t matter what kind of horrible trash comes out of people’s landfill mouths, as long as it comes out in a British accent. We colonials are suckers for the pleasant speech patterns of our stamp-taxing former overlords. Even the words of Donald Trump are more sonorous when you replace his native New York City accent with something on the Rickman-Cumberbatch spectrum.

Sophisticated Trump is a good joke about style over substance by Peter Serafinowicz, prolific British comedian and character actor. Especially amusing because Serafinowicz has Britished up many characters in his work as a voice actor.

Trump should really hire someone to dub his speeches in a more posh accent, though. Any crazy thing he says sounds 50 percent more believable in the Queen’s English. Money may not buy class, but it can probably buy a vocal illusion that will get the job done.

A British Accent Almost Makes Trump Sound Smart