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‘Confused John Travolta’ Meme Is John Travolta’s Best Role in Years

When we last heard from John Travolta, he was screwing up Idina Menzel’s name. Now, the star of Grease and captive of Scientology is back, in a Reddit meme that is … confusing.

Literally confusing. The subreddit Confused John Travolta, which launched just over a month ago, collects a myriad of edits featuring Travolta’s Pulp Fiction character Vincent Vega stumbling around, looking for an intercom. It’s very relatable, as is the best viral content. “I’ve been confused! That’s me!” is what you’re saying to yourself right now probably.

Here’s the original.

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The spread can be traced to this popular post from a month ago.

In her defense, she&#039;s only 3.User Sub Edit:Wait, are we still supposed to announce when its OC? I feel like that&#039;s a bit... Idk, self serving? Well, yes, this is OC. I made dis. And I can show you how to make dis too!Front Page Edit:Ok so I&#039;m getting a huge amount of PM requests, on top of comment requests. I&#039;m gonna put together a proper post and get it uploaded as soon as possible. I&#039;m at work right now, though. So there&#039;s only so much I can do. I&#039;ll continue replying to PMs and comments, at the quickest speed possible.Here&#039;s the tutorial! <a rel="noreferrer nofollow" target="_blank" href=""></a>Sorry for the sloppy language. PM me if you need any specific details or troubleshooting. I took 3 years of CAD and Commercial Art classes. So I may be able to help with what you&#039;re wanting to do.

And now the remixes. Some are pretty straightforward.

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Others are a little more subtle.

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There’s also a Facebook page:

Travolta's Ring

Sensacional.enviado por: Jiri Cvancara

Posted by Confused Travolta on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I’ve actually never seen Pulp Fiction so I don’t entirely understand why it’s so funny. Here’s what that feels like:

Confused John Travolta Achieves Annual Relevance