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Emergency Dispatches From DJ Khaled, Who Got Lost on His Jet Ski Last Night

DJ Khaled, famed hip-hop producer, motivational speaker, and the best forever, gave himself a scare Monday night when he got “lost at sea” on his Jet Ski. He was adrift in the pitch darkness with no one but Snapchat to keep him company. “If u know me call zay zee tell her we lost,” he said.

Khaled’s Snapchats continued as he got more desperate and further from shore. He kept his spirits up by giving himself a little pep talk in the familiar Khaled style: “The key is to make it. The key is to make it. The key is never give up.”

A few snaps later, with only the flash on his phone to light his way, he had some different advice: “The key is not to drive your jet ski in the dark.”

Wise words from a true sage for our times.

Khaled eventually made it back to his pad, wet and tired but still optimistic. It probably would have been faster to call someone using his internet-connected phone than to keep posting snaps in the darkness, or to ride toward the lights on shore rather than away from them, but no one ever said winning was easy.

DJ Khaled Got ‘Lost at Sea’ on His Jet Ski