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What We Learned From Donald Trump’s Interview With Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Columbus, Ohio
“That’s an interesting point about the steel beams.” Photo: Ty Wright/Getty Images

Donald Trump finally found a journalist whose theories about 9/11 are even more discredited than his own. On Wednesday, Trump joined eminent conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for a discussion of New Jersey’s jihadist Muslims, the imminent threat of a one-world government, his own “George Washington-level” greatness, and other true things that the lamestream media is afraid to report on.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the things we learned from today’s broadcast of Infowars:

Donald Trump grew up with “nothing.”
Like any gutsy adversarial journalist, Jones made sure to break up his interview with random, grandiose compliments of his subject, including, “You’re a top business guy, on your own — from nothing.” If you’re thinking, Wait, wasn’t Trump’s dad a wealthy real estate developer?, just know that’s exactly what they want you to think.

Trump was the only major U.S. figure to oppose the Iraq War.
“You were the only leading American figure who said don’t go to war in Iraq,” Jones informed Trump. Before tuning into Infowars, you may have thought that there was at least one other major figure who opposed the war years before Trump did … some guy named Barack … something. But that’s why you can’t rely on the liberal media.

Alex Jones has a great reputation.

Your reputation is amazing,” the GOP front-runner told the nation’s leading Sandy Hook “truther,” and gay-frog opponent.

Alex Jones’s 13-year-old son, Rex, convinced him to support Trump.
Jones said that while he had already been doing some research, his teenage son Rex, who “watches all the debates,” convinced him to join Team Trump.

If we don’t drastically increase surveillance, we won’t have a country anymore.
After Jones assured Trump that his memory was correct and that there were “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating in the streets of New Jersey on 9/11, the front-runner explained why this fact was so important. Trump said that we know many of “these people” are “evil” and “we need proper surveillance, whether it’s a mosque or anywhere else. Because we’re not going to have a country anymore.

Jones, a vocal opponent of government surveillance, nodded along.

If Trump isn’t elected, we probably won’t have a country anymore.
“The country’s done, it’s a third world country in four years,” Jones said. “We could turn it around but it has gotta happen in the next few years or it’s done.” Trump agreed that we could turn it around, but not if we “go another four years with the insanity and stupidity” of Democratic rule.

Donald Trump is not a Clinton operative.

Jones asked Trump to promise his listeners that he was not a secret Clinton operative, who is planning to secure the nomination and then torpedo his own campaign to clear Hillary’s path to the presidency. Trump said that he was no such operative, even though he does get along with Bill Clinton. But then, Trump explained, he gets along with everybody. 

Sure. You’re not a loser. You don’t get into pointless fights,” Jones said, nodding.

President Obama is afraid to talk about radical Muslim…stuff.

A lot of Republicans have criticized the president for refusing to say that we are at war with “radical Islamic terrorism.” Trump started to make this point to Jones, but found himself unable to utter the term himself. “You have a president that doesn’t even want to talk about the radical Muslim…stuff. He doesn’t even want to say it.”

Trump won’t drop out, even if the globalists try to kill him.

“There are people who want a one-world government,” Jones said. “I know from top people that you are for real, and you understand you are in danger, and it’s George Washington-level. Will you commit that you won’t [pull a] Ross Perot and step down, under death threats, weeks before the election, with the lead?”

Perhaps out of fear that the globalists were listening, Trump did not acknowledge the severity of Jones’s claim and responded mostly by praising his own strategic vision. But later in the interview he did say, “I am in this to win it. I’m not in this … If I don’t win I’ve wasted a lot of time.”

Donald Trump Joins Alex Jones’s Infowars