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Donald Trump Is Not a Joke, But Donald Trump With No Nose Sure Is

As Donald Trump, GOP presidential front-runner and slapdash drawing by a child who only had an orange crayon, continues to lead in the polls with just months until the Iowa primary, there’s a growing sentiment among his detractors that it’s time to start treating him as a serious threat to win the presidency. To them, Donald Trump is no longer a joke. One can only assume those people haven’t seen this GIF:

Trump without a nose, looking for all the world like a vintage Señor Wences character, is the brainchild of multimedia artist Jeremiah Warren. His inspiration apparently came from the “no nose” meme, which peaked in 2013 and inspired a Reddit community with 17,000 subscribers.

Some of the older submissions were funny, but Warren’s Trump GIF is easily the no-nose genre’s most significant achievement: It’s turned a divisive billionaire credited with reenergizing white supremacists into a harmless hand puppet and made an old meme great again.

Frankly, Donald Trump Is Better Without a Nose