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Those Boston Baby Whale Bros Greatly Improve the Trailer for Heart of the Sea

One of the breakout YouTube videos of the year shows two Boston bros on a boat flipping out over “witnessin’ a baby whale here, dude!” The marine creature they’re describing in their heavy Boston accents is actually an ocean sunfish — but no matter, the video is hilarious. And a remix that arrived this week might be even better.

Tom Hyndman has married the Boston bros’ commentary on their “baby fuhken wheel” with the trailer for Ron Howard’s long-delayed In the Heart of the Sea, a seafaring adventure based on real-life events that inspired Melville’s Moby-Dick. The movie finally opened Friday, just a few days after Hyndman’s improved, Masshole-flavored trailer went up on YouTube.

The timing couldn’t be better, kid! And, at some point in Mikey Bergin’s hysterical shouting about the “wheel,” he even calls the “monstrous fuhken thing” Moby Dick. Holy fuhken shit! It’s perfect, bro. And can you believe that’s the size of the hook Chris Hemsworth wants to use? We’ve got a baby wheel here! 

Heart of the Sea: Now With More Boston Bros, Kid