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The Reaction GIF So Good, You Can Only React to It With Itself

Internet theologians have pondered this paradox since time immemorial: Could there be a reaction GIF so surprising that the only possible reaction to it is the GIF itself? Well, this ginger gentleman’s animated face was the star — the only star — of a new commercial for Australia’s Got Talent, so it seems that question is now settled. Look at him. Be taken aback by his taken-abackness. Be amazed by his amazement.

Without knowing anything about this season of Australia’s Got Talent, it’s probably safe to say that it’s not going to live up to its promotional spot. Could anything? Australia does have talent, yes: It resides with this charismatic, rubber-jawed audience member right here.

The GIF of this footage is something more than a reaction GIF. It’s an overreaction GIF, and it’s sadly destined for ironic usage only. There are a vanishingly few things you could find out about in Slack or through a Gchat message that would warrant its sincere use. Only in marketing is a shock-and-awe face like that considered a proportional response.

This is the ghost pepper of reaction GIFs. Respect it, certainly, but use it sparingly if at all.

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