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Here’s Your 2016 Reaction-Image Starter Pack

It’s 2016 — what memes are you using?” That’s the question on everyone’s lips, from attractive babes to top taste-makers. Don’t have an answer yet? Don’t fret. Following has assembled several “starter packs” consisting of highly meme-worthy images to use when reacting to events in 2016 and placed them on Twitter at @ReactionPacks. See below for notes and explanations.


We’re forecasting big things this year for Star Wars villain Kylo Ren, whose god, mom mopey-goth face is perfect for when you’re mad about something you know you shouldn’t be mad about. We also recommend Angry Mr. Krabs, Nuclear Pepe, and Drake.


Last year was a good one for confused Nick Young, but we don’t think he’s hit his ceiling — look for big things from the meme in the coming year. Additionally, 2015 latecomer meme confused Steve Harvey has the kind of market penetration most memes can only dream of. We’re also betting big on confused Donald Trump and confused Drake.


BB-8 is already paying out huge meme dividends, and we expect the thumbs-up to reach higher heights when high-quality GIFs hit Tumblr in the coming year. We’re also bullish on Money Mouth Emoji — this one’s gonna be huge in 2016; the American economy is back Happy Dog (for when you achieve your goals), and Drake.


Resignation is a key component of any diversified meme portfolio. This year we love Minion on Fire, which combines minions and fire to really truly get at the moment when you give up on everything. Also recommended: Pope Francis (for when your friends need to go to church), Miss Colombia relinquishing the crown (for when you think you nailed it and then find out you didn’t), and Drake.


Wait a minute,” you might be saying. “Wasn’t Why You Lyin’?” a 2015 meme? It’s true: You might have thought that this would die with 2015. But you’d be wrong. Don’t give up on blue-chip memes! Additionally, we think the skeptical reporter from Making a Murderer — for when the evidence doesn’t add up — is going places, and we “suspect” that the Sleuth Emoji is going to be the biggest emoji of 2015. (Whenever anyone says anything remotely suspect, just send this in response.) Also, Drake.

Here’s Your 2016 Reaction-Image Starter Pack