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Hillary Clinton Thinks It’s Time to Stop Laughing About Donald Trump

Seth Meyers got all the unpleasant questions out of the way first in his Late Night interview with Hillary Clinton, uttering the words “Donald Trump” right away. When she heard the name of the Republican front-runner — who is currently miles ahead of the competition, just like she is in the Democratic race — she spontaneously began to shake her head. “I have to say, Seth,” she said. “I no longer think he’s funny.”

Clinton was mostly referring to, as you might have guessed, his recent statements on how all Muslims should be banned from entering the U.S., and how such talk “really plays right into the hands of the terrorists.” She added, “I think for weeks, you know, you and everybody else were just bringing folks to hysterical laughter and all of that. But now he has gone way over the line. And what he’s saying now is not only shameful and wrong. It’s dangerous.” 

After that, Meyers asked a few questions about gun control and the shooting at San Bernardino. Clinton said she thought that people who were too dangerous to fly on planes should be too dangerous to own guns — Congress rejected a bill that would have banned people on the no-fly terror watch list from buying firearms last week.

After that, the interview quickly transitioned into lighter fare — although there wasn’t a single tough question to be found in the entire segment (this is late night, after all). 

Meyers asked Clinton what would make Bill a good first spouse (she is pretty certain he is just going to excitedly crash White House tours all the time if she is elected), and told a story about the time that everyone had to teach her husband not to smile before going to rescue those two journalists in North Korea. (Hillary Clinton is very good at doing an impression of Bill Clinton trying very hard not to smile.)

She also summed up Dennis Rodman’s trip to North Korea in four syllables: “Yeah, whatever.” 

The interview ended with some New Hampshire trivia, in which Clinton jubilantly answered the question, Who won the 2008 Democratic primary? 

Me!!!” she said, raising her arms in the air, brimming with joy at that happy memory — and maybe also the fact that she wasn’t asked a single question about Benghazi or emails or Bernie Sanders, who happens to be leading the polls in that particular state at the moment. 

Hillary: It’s Time to Stop Laughing About Trump