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Let’s Celebrate Christmas Like Jesus Did, by Laughing at People Who Fell Off of New Hoverboards

Christmas, a holiday that celebrates the traditional values of family, eggnog, and copious overspending on consumer goods, added something new to celebrate this year: people unwrapping those “hoverboards” that don’t actually hover and then immediately falling off of them. Hoverboard companies and emergency rooms both did brisk business this joyous holiday season.

In 2011 and 2012, comedy goon Jon “@fart” Hendren retweeted the complaints of loathsome children who cursed their parents for not giving them the latest iPhone on Christmas. That particular stunt has run its course, but here’s its comedic successor: weird twitterer @foucault_45 spending Christmas morning retweeting holiday hoverboard accidents.

And Gizmodo reporter Kate Knibbs rounded up even more (so many more) of these abject yuletide failures.

Truly, a hoverboard is a great gift — not just to its new owner, but to all of us. If only there were video.

Of course there’s video, because Santa is real and you’ve been very good this year. BuzzFeed collected numerous “hoverboard xmas fails” from Instagram over the weekend.

This entry, I think, succinctly sums up the whole phenomenon. And perhaps this entire year.

Hoverboard Injuries Were Popular This Christmas