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These Photoshops Are the Most Successful Thing About Jeb’s Campaign Right Now

Jeb Bush, once considered a shoo-in to continue his family’s sterling track record of winning Republican presidential primaries, is polling a tepid 3 percent according to the latest New York Times/CBS numbers. At this point, he has nothing to lose by just retweeting sweet Photoshops of himself from Reddit, so that’s exactly what he did on Thursday evening.

That photo, an edit of an iconic shot by grunge photographer Charles Peterson, was an entry in a Reddit “Photoshop battle” inspired by an image that the original poster described as “Jeb Bush getting felt up at a rally.”

Many contestants picked up on Bush’s almost-sexual vibe in the photo, creating some images that even a struggling Republican presidential candidate couldn’t get away with retweeting.

There’s Joe Biden whispering sweet nothings in Jeb’s ear:

There’s Jeb as Sex Pistol Sid Vicious:

And Jeb sporting the classic “turtleneck and chain” creeper uniform:

If you can’t be president, the least you can do is have a little bit of fun while the entire campaign burns to rubble around you.

Jeb Bush Appreciates a Good Photoshop