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Pro-Kasich Pac Ad Calls Out Trump for Peddling Terrible Steaks

In a development that makes us wonder if Ron Swanson is real and loves John Kasich, the super-pac New Day for America has released an ad that suggests Donald Trump’s grand superlatives can’t be trusted. For proof, the pro-Kasich group released an ad juxtaposing a commercial for Trump Steaks with complaints from unsatisfied QVC reviewers. “Don’t have buyer’s remorse,” the spot concludes. “The Steaks are too high in this election.” So far, Trump supporters don’t seem to care about the many terrible things he’s said, but clearly endorsing an inferior meat product is inexcusable.

The campaign also includes a Pac-Man–like game in which a Trump head gobbles steaks and hot dogs. Unlocking the full version of the game requires a $2 donation, an innovation that may revolutionize super-pacs. If Jeb Bush’s Right to Rise wants donations, why haven’t they produced an Oregon Trail knock off? Sure, you can campaign at a grueling pace, but everyone on your campaign bus is going to get dysentery.

Kasich Ad Calls Out Trump for Bad Steaks