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‘Male Feminists of Tinder’ Is the Blog We Deserve

When feminists argue that feminism helps men, too, helping men get laid on Tinder is probably not what they have in mind. But here were are, with 2016 looming, and dating apps are full of so many self-proclaimed feminist bros that a comedian has started collecting their profiles on a brilliant Tumblr called Male Feminists of Tinder

Comedian and editor Lane Moore’s new project is a perfect snapshot of a particular, awkward moment in culture and technology. Now that social media is ubiquitous, men can no longer ignore women’s voices or remain entirely oblivious to feminism. But what some men seem to take away from that exposure is: Chicks dig feminism, and maybe I can use that to get a hookup?

There’s nothing wrong with a male feminist in theory, but in practice many seem primarily concerned with broadcasting their status as Good Guys — as a sales pitch on a hookup-centric dating app, even.

Male Feminists of Tinder is still in its infancy, but in its first five entries it’s already captured a wide range of the internet’s fem-bro megafauna, from the very casual to the “ask me about my comics and my female paraplegic protagonist.”

That last guy is just looking for some “you-know-what in the you-know-where,” by the way, so don’t swipe right if you’re just going to waste his time.

The future is truly amazing. There’s something for everyone.

‘Male Feminists of Tinder’ Is Exactly That