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Martin O’Malley Tells College Kids That Long Walks in the Woods Will Cure a Broken Heart

In a Between Two Ferns–esque interview with students at the University of Texas at Austin, Governor Martin O’Malley was up to more of his usual, charmingly dadlike shenanigans — which have done little to propel him forward in the primary polls thus far. The Democratic candidate spit some pre-written rhymes (“Soon my polls will be higher than Cheech and Chong”), gave the hosts (the student-body president and vice-president, who ran as a joke and won anyway) advice on healing a broken heart, and said he wouldn’t repeal Obamacare even if humans were invincible. However, he was unable to rank his opponents by which ones smelled the best on the debate stage. 

Martin O’Malley Offers Cure for a Broken Heart