Martin Shkreli’s Lawyer Celebrates Arrest With Family Vacation in Cancún

Martin Shkreli, CEO Reviled for Drug Price Gouging, Arrested on Securities Fraud Charges
Photo: Louis Lanzano/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Martin Shkreli’s lawyer, Evan Greebel, who was also arrested last week on fraud charges, asked a judge pretty please with a Hail Mary on top if he could go to Cancún with his family this week. One, because this vacation has been planned since this SPRING, and two, because he “above all wishes to preserve as great a sense of normalcy as possible for his young children,” according to the indicted lawyer’s lawyer. Brooklyn federal judge Kiyo Matsumoto must be feeling the holiday spirit, because she said the legal equivalent of “Fine — but only if you promise to surrender your passport by January 4 and send us copies of your plane tickets and hotel confirmation.”

Meanwhile, Shkreli is stuck in New York; he already had to surrender his passport. However, he regained access to his Twitter feed — which was briefly hacked — and can now pass the time by tweeting links to stories that give him sort-of-nice backhanded compliments. 

Martin Shkreli’s Lawyer Heads to Cancún