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This Twitter Bot Spits Out Brutal, Hilarious Metal-Band Names

Thanks to the work of net artists like Darius Kazemi, Twitter bots were better and funnier than ever this year, their hungry algorithms ingesting raw material and spitting out gold. One recent example: Mike Watson’s metalband.exe, which generates fake metal-band names that are practically indistinguishable from the real thing.

Metalband.exe takes the nouns from actual metal bands and recombines them into equally ridiculous fake ones. Venom Lord? Brutal. B+. Flesh Grave? A++++. Moon of Gore? Yes. (Would also make an excellent title for a trashy B-movie.) To say nothing of Ghost Murder and Satan of the Disease. The cheesy stylized fonts are just icing on the cake (the Cakethrone of Sacrifice?)

It’s as if the Linux kernel had a baby with Adult Swim’s paean to/parody of metal Metalocalypse, and they named that cursed child Cannibalwolf. In 2015, computer programs are more metal than humans, just as the Terminator films foresaw. \m/.

Metalband.exe Is the Most Brutal Twitter Bot Yet