Oklahoma Police Officer Convinces Gullible Donkey to Hop in Squad Car

Of the millions of stubborn asses that have occupied the backs of police cars everywhere, there is now one truly newsworthy addition to the pack.

A police officer in Norman, Oklahoma, lured a roaming donkey into the cramped backseat of his squad car without an apparent tussle. The feat is no small task considering donkeys typically make headlines for kicking their owners in the face or ravaging humans like a pack of wolves.

The officer, Kyle Canaan, who has yet to reveal exactly what he dangled in front of the missing beast to convince it to get into a small car, chauffeured the donkey down the lane to a nearby home until its owner could be located. While this deviates from past police protocol of tying vagrant donkeys to the fronts of a squad cars with jumper cables, Canaan may have gotten lucky by finding one of the region’s famous — and fortunately backseat-size — miniature Mediterranean donkeys

Mischievous Donkey Nabbed by Oklahoma Police