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Everyone’s Mocking the ‘Hump’ on Apple’s New iPhone Battery Case

One of the most popular knocks on Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6S is that their battery life “sucks.” People demand speed and features, but they don’t want their devices to use too much power, and they don’t want a thicker phone. Apple, unfortunately, has to contend with physical reality when it designs its devices, so there’s nothing it can do about the constant complaints. Nothing except release a hideous new battery case for its flagship phone.

The new Smart Battery Case looks a lot like a regular iPhone sleeve, but the battery protrudes from the back, giving it what people have begun calling “a hump.” Early reviews of the case’s aesthetics are not especially positive:

Is the hump a perfect troll by Apple, showing the complaining masses that this is the devil’s bargain required for more battery life? Or is it a calculated, honest — albeit weird-looking — design decision that fits in with the existing philosophy of Apple’s chief design officer Jony Ive?

You could make the case for the latter, but — much like the Smart Battery Case — it doesn’t quite feel right:

No One Loves Apple’s Lumpy New iPhone Case