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Panda-Onesie Bandits on the Run After Committing Armed Robbery

Photo: Lincolnshire Police

Police are still searching for two men who robbed a convenience store in England on Sunday evening, CNN reports. If you see a pair clad in full-length panda-bear onesies exchanging furtive glances, call the police immediately. Even if you can’t see their eyes because they are wearing panda onesies, you should still call the authorities, because these pandas are criminals.

The thieves arrived at a store in Lincolnshire, in northern England, reportedly wielding a handgun, with their faces obscured by panda head hoods. The robbers demanded money from the safe before fleeing the scene around 7:30 p.m.

I think this is a first for us as I certainly can’t remember any suspects disguising themselves as pandas before,” Linolnshire Police communications officer Nerys McGarry told the Star.

Neighbors were asked to look for any discarded panda gear in their garbage cans to aid in their search for the perps, and detectives are asking for information from retailers who might have sold the costumes.

One officer told the BBC, “Even though it was very cold last night, I’m sure there were still people in the town centre who might have seen two males running … in panda onesies.”

Police Hunt Panda Bandits After Armed Robbery