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Behind Every Cute Girl on Instagram Is a Husband: Perfect PSA Spotlights ‘Instagram Husbands’

Are you an Instagram Husband? A hapless man, forced by your romantic companion into a life of snapping smartphone pictures, trying out filters, and scouting the perfect brick wall to pose against? You’re not alone, and you don’t have to keep suffering. There’s help.

So runs this satirical PSA from, a new support group for men oppressed by Instagram (created by the cast of The Mystery Hour TV show). The social network has bred a kind of lifestyle competition. It’s easy to feel like you have to one-up your friends and followers by snapping a photo of your shoes on every nicely tiled floor you walk across. And once Instagramming escalates, the rest of the world has to freeze around you as you take the perfect selfie or soft-focus photo of your cappuccino. Documenting becomes more important than living.

Send it to every victim of excessive Instagramming you know, just in case they need to reach out. They’re not the only one. As one Instagram husband, P. Hedlund, says, “They say the hope I need is right around the corner, I just hope there isn’t an old door before we get there.”

PSA: Instagram Husbands Need Your Help