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Skit Perfectly Sums Up the Most Disappointing Thing About the 21st Century: Elaborate Wi-Fi Passwords

Making a Wi-Fi password is hard work. It’s gotta be easy to recite, so that guests aren’t constantly bugging you about it, and it’s gotta be something other than “password.” One easy solution is to just make it your name, or maybe your first initial and your last name. (Not that that’s my Wi-Fi password.) This is a bad way to do it:

A lot of ISPs nowadays just give you a router with the network name and password already assigned, which is kind of annoying but here’s a little lifehack: You can swap out the router if you want. It’s pretty easy, there are some tutorials online. Just get a wireless router and then head to and type “Wi-Fi network setup” into the box and hit the Enter key.

Reciting Wi-Fi Passwords Is Still Very Annoying