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Excellent Final-Exam Joke Proves an Old Internet Prank Still Isn’t Dead

The humble Rickroll has been with us for the better part of a decade now, one of the earliest examples of internet memes as we know them. Tricking suckers into watching a Rick Astley music video started out funny, was briefly political, and then took a slow slide into obscurity. Today, it’s basically a dad joke. It’s very literally something a goofball teacher would do to prank his cheating students.

Watch as a Penn State student peruses the final exam study materials for Information Science 210 — Organization of Data — and discovers a tempting file called “Final Exam Answer Key.” Needless to say, he’s a little let down by what he finds there.

Nicely played. Computer-science professors are no strangers to the Rickroll; students have been hiding Astley lyrics in their papers for years. Seems the instructors were just waiting for the right time to exact their revenge.

Rickroll Isn’t Dead, Professors Still Love It