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Live-TV Report on Bank Robbery Becomes Infinitely More Suspenseful When Suspect Runs by Reporter

On Tuesday morning, KIMT-TV reporter Adam Sallet went to a bank in Rochester, Minnesota, to give a quick update on the robbery that had happened there the day before. 

The sleepy newscast quickly had the opportunity to achieve journalistic greatness and/or perfect comedic timing when a breaking-news event happened live. One, the robber had just tried to rob the bank again. Two, he had just ran by Sallet, which became clear when a bank employee ran on camera and started pointing off in the distance. 

Oh, that’s the robber!” he said. “This is live TV, folks! … So, I got to go here and call 911. I’ll talk to you later.”

An hour later, the suspect — who, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, was “wearing a sweatshirt from a Minneapolis road race with the words ‘get lucky’” on it — was caught. 

Robber Runs by Reporter During Report on Robbery