For Sale: Rent Is Too Damn High Party

Jimmy McMillan, the perennial New York candidate and owner of a memorable catchphrase and beard, is retiring.

However, he still believes that the rent is too damn high and that someone should do something about it. All interested parties should contact his attorney, as “Rent Is Too Damn High is for sale, trademark and all.” The New York Times said McMillan’s lawyer “confirmed that Mr. McMillan hoped to gain financially by stepping back from his one-man political party.” The candidate has had some financial problems lately; he received an eviction notice in January.

He explained his reasoning for getting out of politics in a statement that may give editors heart palpitations (please stop reading if you have a grammar sensitivity). 


“I am walking away because I have know other choice the people have ignored my warning and my cry for help that the rent crisis was getting worse … Rent is too damn high is an international crisis. There are many questions the people should ask themselves. I which them the best - I’m out.”