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Sarah Palin Plays Tina Fey in 30 Rock Spoof You Haven’t Been Waiting For

Over the weekend Tina Fey revived her celebrated Sarah Palin impression on SNL, and on Monday the former Alaska governor finally got her back … with a weird parody of Fey’s old sitcom that doesn’t really make sense. In 31 Rock, which was produced by the conservative site Independent Journal Review, Palin plays a Bizarro World version of Liz Lemon; “Lynn Melon” hates political correctness, isn’t funny, and spouts false information about Star Wars. There are also cameos from John McCain (who’s learned nothing about pairing up with Palin), Lindsey Graham (who’s having some kind of post-campaign breakdown), and 30 Rock’s Kevin Brown (SOS, guys — Dot Com’s in trouble). 31 Rock is “maybe premiering next year,” which is hopefully a joke because we do not want to go there.

Sarah Palin Plays Tina Fey in 30 Rock Spoof