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Soggy Irish Weather Reporter’s Dispatch Is So Good, You Should Watch It Wherever You Are

Watch updates on #StormDesmond from Teresa Mannion at Salthill in Galway and Joe Mag Raollaigh at Dublin Airport. For more, see RTÉ News.

Posted by RTÉ on Saturday, December 5, 2015

Storm Desmund, which continues to hit northwestern U.K., is no joke — flood warnings remain in place for many areas. But Irish weather reporter Teresa Mannion went viral for her almost excessively cautionary performance on television from Galway. “DON’T MAKE UNNECESSARY JOURNEYS, DON’T TAKE RISKS ON TREACHEROUS ROADS, AND DON’T SWIM IN THE SEA,” she shouts above the wind and rain in the hilarious clip. For much of the weekend, Mannion’s name was trending on Twitter. For her part, she thanked her similarly bedraggled crew in a tweet.

The internet has run with Mannion’s performance, even turning it into a dance remix. What better way to experience the weather?

Soggy Irish Reporter Gives Life/Weather Advice