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Trump Cancels Israel Trip, Optimistically Reschedules for When He Is President

Trump did not say whether his change of plans had anything to do with the fact that Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu — who was BFFs with the last Republican presidential nomineetweeted that he “rejects Donald Trump’s recent remarks about Muslims” and that his decision to meet with all presidential candidates “does not represent an endorsement of any candidate or his or her views.” (The RT ≠ endorsements of diplomacy.) 

Trump said on Fox News this morning that he did not want to put Netanyahu under pressure, but that he has “a tremendous amount of support from Israel.”

The front-runner had some other foreign-policy news to share on Twitter; he wanted everyone to know that it was “very sad!” that the “United Kingdom is trying hard to disguise their massive Muslim problem.” More than 420,000 people have signed a petition seeking to ban Donald Trump from entering Britain, which means Parliament has to consider debating it. As the New York Times notes, more people signed this petition than ones about banning air strikes or legalizing marijuana. Trump responded to the petition by reminding the U.K. that he has personally helped boost the Scottish economy by building a golf course, “which has received the highest accolades, and is what many believe to be one of the greatest golf courses anywhere in the world.”

Trump Cancels Israel Trip