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Donald Trump on Kimmel: ‘I’m Going to Win the Hispanic Vote, in My Opinion’

Photo: ABC

Donald Trump went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night, where he faced many questions about whether his Muslim ban was “un-American” and about his views on Tom Brady. The front-runner, armed with his trusty companions tremendous and great, explained that a bunch of his “many, many” Muslim friends called him to say they supported his plan (Kimmel said they may have been prank calls) and that the argument that he was giving ISIS recruitment help was wrong. He also said he thinks he is “going to win the Hispanic vote.”

The segment ended with Kimmel reading a Dr. Seuss–esque children’s book Kimmel wrote for Trump, who said he always wanted to write a kids’ book. It begins, “Winners aren’t losers. They’re winners — like me! A loser’s a loser. Which one will you be?” 

Trump: ‘I’m Going to Win the Hispanic Vote’