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Tumblr Users Are Either Outraged or Amused by an Alleged Grave-Robber

Human hand arteries, illustration
Photo: SCIEPRO/Corbis

Over the weekend, a Facebook post offering the sale of human bones found at Holt Cemetery in Louisiana began making the rounds, prompting officials to investigate bone thefts at the cemetery.

The alleged post (archived here) by a user named Ender Darling explained that Holt is a rare cemetery for New Orleans, in that it contains ground graves rather than the above-ground ones that are commonplace in the city. In the post, Darling states:

When it rains of course bones wash up, the older the grave the more you find. You can literally walk around and see femurs, teeth, jaws, skull caps, etc etc. This is where I go to find my human bones for curse work and general spells that require bone.

It turns out that users traced Darling’s profile picture on Facebook to a Tumblr featuring the same picture. That Tumblr, littlefuckinmonster, has since been deactivated, but not before another user published a callout post.

PSA: tumblr user littlefuckinmonster is stealing human bones from cemeteries in Louisiana. Please don’t let them get away with this and spread the word/signal boost!

The callout had more than 31,000 notes as of 9:30 a.m. and inspired both outrage and, well, memes.

Some users got defensive, explaining that the post — about collecting human remains from a graveyard and distributing them to others — was taken out of context.

Other users are angry for a host of reasons. Some, for instance, think that the collection of bones from the graves of New Orleans residents too poor to afford an above-ground burial is problematic and likely racist.

Others were worried that Tumblr’s normally accepting social-justice community was turning on the Wiccan and pagan users.

Others found the initial idea of stealing bones, and the ensuing controversy, a fruitful seed from which many jokes sprouted.

At least one user tried to reconcile the twin impulses to be angry about the incident, and also find comedy in it.
Tumblr Users Are Talking About Bone-Stealing