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This Video-Game Site Is Suddenly Very Fixated on Circumcision

The obsessive administrator of a wiki site dedicated to the video-game horror franchise Silent Hill, so devoted to the site that he’s made 40,000 edits, apparently went mad with power this week and decided that Silent Hill isn’t just about a spooky hospital. It’s actually a subtle allegory against male circumcision. That’s a new one!

The power struggle started when someone noticed that the administrator, AlexShepherd, had turned a character’s biography on the site into an 800-word rant about “male genital mutilation,” speculating that the character had been circumcised as a child. That seemed strange, so the anonymous editor removed the circumcision references.

AlexShepherd freaked the hell out, and has continued freaking.

You’re a fucking horrible human being for advocating GENITAL MUTILATION, and 99 percent of Americans who advocate mutilating penises are fucking brainwashed morons,” he wrote to the anonymous editor who changed his post. “Circumcision can have a HUGE EFFECT and HUGE INFLUENCE on the development of a human being’s psyche. It’s the truth. What you are trying to do is erase American history and hide the truth. Seriously, don’t be on the wrong side of history. It’s like trying to delete the Holocaust article on Wikipedia, saying it’s some ‘anti-Holocaust’ or ‘anti-Nazi’ rant. That’s how brainwashed you sound.”

As other fans of Silent Hill continued to dispute the games are about circumcision, based solely on the fact that there’s actually nothing about circumcision in them, AlexShepherd only dug his heels in deeper. He argued that because he “grew up with Silent Hill as a child” and sees himself as one of the five “best Silent Hill fans in the world,” he’s able to notice subtleties in the game that others can’t.

And besides, it doesn’t matter who disagrees with him, because he is the most prolific editor of the Silent Hill wiki. That basically means he owns it. So if he wants the site to be about a Satanic/Illuminati conspiracy about babies’ penises, then that’s how it’s going to be.

And LOL @ me being removed as an admin by a random anon IP user,” he wrote. “You all realize this entire site is essentially mine, right?  I am the top admin/bureaucrat of this site and have been for years. I have 40k edits on this site, and the next admin has 13k.”

There’s really not much the anonymous editors can do, other than bail out and leave the foreskin-obsessed despot to his own private website. The internet lost a wiki about the Silent Hill games this week, but it gained a wiki about the anti-circumcision movement.

The whole strange drama is below, narrated on Twitter by VoidBurger, the first person to call attention to AlexShepherd and his singular quest.

Video-Game Site Oddly Fixated on Circumcision