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Has ‘White People Whip Circle’ Finally Killed the Whip?

As 2015 leaves us, so too may its most popular dance moves: the Whip and the Nae Nae. The final nail in the coffin? This video:

But let’s back up here. What is this stunning display, and what are its predecessors? What you see above is the nadir of a meme: “White People Whip Circles.” What is a “White People Whip Circle”? Well, here is a whip circle:

And here’s a white-people whip circle:

The “White People Whip Circle” seems to have taken off in October with this awkward performance by what looks like a high-school track team:

Is the latest and silliest video a parody of previous White People Whip Circles, or just another bad one? Thanks to Poe’s Law — that without knowing the author’s intent, parodies of something ridiculous are indistinguishable from the real thing — we can’t really tell.

According to the captions on one YouTube video, the White People Whip Circle kids are really “making this dance their own lol.” Indeed.

‘White People Whip Circle’ Killed the Whip