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This 20-Year-Old Norwegian Woman Is Living Her Life As a Cat

A 20-year-old Norwegian explained to a curious reporter this week that she was born with an unusual genetic defect: She’s a cat. In an interview that’s been viewed 350,000 times on YouTube, 20-year-old Nano reveals she came to terms with her feline nature at 16, and has been living as a domestic cat ever since.

Nano told reporter Silje Ese that a psychologist said she could grow out it — out of being an actual cat in a human body — but she doubts it. She’d rather continue wearing ears and cleaning herself with furry, paw-shaped gloves, she said as she crawled around an Oslo train station, meowing.

I think I’ll be a cat all my life.”

And why not? Being a cat gives Nano some minor superpowers, she claims, like the ability to see in the dark and hear especially well. A fair trade-off for a life spent crawling on hands and knees, pawing at windows when she wants to be let out? Maybe. If she runs into trouble, she can always just … speak like a human, as she demonstrated by giving an interview explaining her cat-ness.

Is Nano a furry? By some definition, maybe, but she doesn’t separate her human personality from a “fursona,” or wear a costume for role-playing, like many furries do. And her cat identity doesn’t seem to be a sexual thing, like those of many — but, okay, not all — furries. She doesn’t want to be an anthropomorphic, two-legged, cartoonish cat.

And she’s not a human who has multiple personalities, one of which is a cat—like her poser friend Sven. Whatever, Sven.

She just believes she’s a cat.  And that means she’s gonna hiss at dogs, be afraid of water, and ignore psychologists if she wants to. So leave her alone, okay?

20-Year-Old Norwegian Woman Thinks She’s a Cat