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6-Year-Old Falls Down Manhole in New York City

USA, New York City, Manhattan, Times Square, People stepping on manhole cover
Photo: Corbis

On Saturday afternoon, a 6-year-old girl playing in the snow fell down a manhole in the Bronx. She fell at least eight feet and was unable to see that the manhole was open because of all the snow. A few people were playing football nearby, according to NBC4 — no one explains why these people were playing football in a blizzard — and were able to rescue her. She was taken to the hospital, and is reportedly doing fine, although Mayor Bill de Blasio still warned the city to keep an eye out — plows might accidentally peel off manhole covers while cleaning up all that snow. 

Back in 2012, manhole-cover thefts were also a legitimate concern after the hunks of metal — which can fetch $30 a pop — started disappearing at a noticeable pace.

6-Year-Old Falls Down Manhole