Grindr Finds a Match With a Chinese Billionaire Who Cashed In on Angry Birds

Grindr is going global.

Grindr, purveyor of shirtless-man selfies and self-proclaimed “world’s largest gay social network,” has a new match: The company has sold a majority stake to Kunlun Tech Co., the Beijing-based gaming company that brought Angry Birds to China. Kunlun chairman Zhou Yahui reportedly paid $93 million in cash for a 60 percent stake in Grindr, which he calledessential to the Kunlun global Internet eco-sphere.” 

The remainder of Grinder will be owned by the company’s employees and by founder and CEO Joel Simkhai, who said in a statement that “it will generally be business as usual,” but with “a renewed sense of purpose and additional resources.” Carter McJunkin, chief operating officer of Grindr, told the New York Times that the company hopes to grow beyond its dating-app origins into “more of a lifestyle brand” that “solves more problems” for its gay male user base. What exactly will a Grindr lifestyle app entail? That’s unclear, but it’s probably safe to say it won’t be a direct competitor to Goop.

Chinese Gaming Billionaire Buys Grindr