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The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy Started an Erotic Oregon Militia Fanfiction Craze

Photo: Rob Kerr/AFP/Getty Images

As Ammon Bundy and his fellow militiamen continued to occupy the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon Tuesday night, praying for snacks and free federal land, the Decemberists singer and Wildwood author Colin Meloy felt inspiration striking: He couldn’t wait to read erotic fanfiction about this ridiculous standoff.

He wouldn’t have to wait long either, because he started writing it himself on Twitter. His followers, possibly somewhere between amused and aroused, joined in with their own contributions. Although Meloy tapped out after just six hours of writing short, homoerotic vignettes about rural gun enthusiasts, the #bundyeroticfanfic hashtag continued for a full day — an orgy of beards, bird-watching, and Bundys:

These jokes are great individually, but their sheer volume is another joke in itself. There’s enough material here for a Bundy Militia erotic comedy fanfic novella of respectable length. Much stranger things have happened in the darker corners of Amazon’s Kindle store, believe me.

All in all, an excellent use of a day on Twitter — and of the Bundys’ beloved First Amendment.

Colin Meloy Inspires Erotic Militia Fanfiction